Oakley ARO7 MIPS Men’s MTB Cycling Helmet – White/Medium

Price: $500.00 - $475.42

Engineered for aerodynamics and inspired by racecar forms, ARO7 is the helmet of choice for time trials and triathlon races. Featuring two large Plutonite visors (Prizm Road and Clear) for expanded field of view and color contrast enhancement. A 360° BOA fit system for dialing in a secure fit. The short-tailed design gives the rider the freedom to move their head around without a significant aerodynamics penalty.

2 Plutonite Visors W/ Micro Bag: Prizm Road and Clear.
Magnetic Visor Attachment With Upside-down Magnetic Stowability.
Boa Fs1-1 360-degree Fit System.
Anit-microbial, X-static Brow Padding.
Fidlock Magnetic Strap Buckle Closure.
Zippered Molded Carrying Case.
Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell.
Eps Protective Foam.2 Plutonite Visors w/ Micro Bag: Prizm Road & Clear.
Magnetic visor attachment with upside-down magnetic stowability.
BOA FS1-1 360-degree Fit System.
Anit-microbial, X-Static brow padding.
Fidlock Magnetic strap buckle closure.

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