Coros SafeSound Road Smart Cycling Helmet Ear Opening Sound System, SOS Emergency Alert LED Tail Light | Bluetooth Music Phone Calls | Smart Remote | Lightweight

Price: $170.06

Coros SafeSound Road Smart Cycling Helmet::The Coros SafeSound Road Smart Cycling Helmet is a unique product that offers the rare combination of road safety, premium sound quality and prime craftsmanship. At the heart of SafeSound is-of course-safety. The SOS Emergency Alert feature ensures that wherever you are, the G-Sensor positioned in the core of the helmet detects an impact and automatically sends an exact mapping of your location to emergency contacts stored in the COROS app. An LED tail light begins flashing SOS in Morse code for bystanders to identify. SafeSound also features a new shape, lighter weight and our premium EPS impact foam. But, safety isn’t enough without functionality. That’s where our Smart Remote comes into play. The flexible, handle-bar mounted cradle ensures optimal placement to minimize distractions while riding. This gives you complete control over your audio and call functions. From playing/pausing music, skipping tracks and adjusting volume to answer calls, you can safely manage these interactions while riding. SafeSound has your back; enjoy the ride.Provides superior quality and ride comfort
Aero-Flow Design with premium EPS impact foam
Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS) guarantees ultra-clear sound quality
SOS Emergency Alert allows for safer solo rides
An LED Tail Light will keep you visible during the day or night

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