WTB Vigilante 2.3 26″ Comp Tire

Price: $37.95 - $33.52

Born from the dream of racing European enduro events, the Vigilante is our premier aggressive all-mountain and enduro tire. The square-lugged, open-tread pattern offers stability in loose or wet terrain, while the stiff outside knobs grip at lean angles like nobody‚Äôs business. The TCS Tough/High Grip model is the tire of choice for our entire team of ripping enduro racers who need a grippy tire that won’t let them down while chasing podiums.Prominent lugs dig into any terrain, wet or dry, while providing stability at any speed.
Ample spacing between knobs ensures it flings mud while biting into loose, chunky trails.
Most often used as an aggressive front tire, though it also works well as a rear tire on loose, steep terrain.
Proven performance as WTB’s most popular mountain tire.
Usage: All Mountain / Enduro
Conditions: Wet to Dry / Loose, Rocky, Mud
Casing: Durable

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