Wake Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebar Bicycle Riser Bar MTB Handlebar Red 720MM

Price: $14.99

Product Brand: WAKE

Product Material: Aluminium alloy

Product Color: Red/Blue/Black/Yellow/Green

Product Specifications: Rise Handlebar

Product Size: Diameter: 31.8MM Length: 700/720/760/780MM


♥ COMFORTABLE: Bicycle Handlebar made of aluminium alloy, with ergonomic design,
used to relax under a good road conditions in the long-distance cycling.
Enjoy your riding and the view.

♥ EASY TO INSTALL: It’s easy to install, complete set, ready to be installed and used right away.

♥ WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Handlebar Can be used for MTB, road bikes, long-distance mountain travel bikes, etc.

♥ Best for bikers who need more control and weight savings from their handlebar.

♥ Best Material, Best Design, the Best Product, for Best you!
>ĞEWAKE Bike handlebar is made of Aluminium Alloy, stable and big bike handlebar with better look and no compromise of stiffness.The size of it is 31.8MM*720/740/760/780MM and the weight is about 436g~510g, which is very light in such a big size.
Excellent shockproof and maximum firmness. Light weight, sophisticated design which will make you feel well. Can maintain a comfortable ride for a long time.
This bike handlebar is very long and it perfectly works as mountain bike handlebar for men. Best for bikers who need more control and weight savings from their handlebar.Upgrade your rides with WAKE bike handlebar replacement.
The bicycle handlebars are made of Aluminium Alloy and are ergonomically designed to relax on long-distance cycling. Enjoy cycling and viewing.
This handlebar can be used for mountain bikes, road bikes, long-distance mountain bikes, etc.

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