RocRide Cycling Gloves with Gel Padded Protection. Road and Mountain Biking. Half and Full Finger Men, Women and Children Sizes.

Price: $9.97

Why Purchase the All New RocRide Evolution Series Cycling Gloves with Sensory Gel Padded Protection?
It’s the #1 Strongest and Most Comfortable Biking Glove for Men, Women and Children on the Market.

Durable Construction
Our gloves are double- stitched with the highest quality materials available to protect and provide maximum comfort. We use 60% microfiber leather (Amara) and 40% Lycra to wick moisture from sweaty facial areas without causing irritation. These materials keep your hands cool from excessive heat on warmer riding days. We’ve designed a triangle area on the palm side with perforations to help ventilate the glove where the majority of heat is produced.

Sensory Gel and Silicon anti-slip-grip
Our Sensory Gel design helps minimize fatigue on extended rides. Most importantly, it gives a substantial amount of padded protection from handlebar fatigue and those unexpected falls. The anti-slip-grip provides added grip to the handlebars especially when vibration and shock to the hands are experienced.

Finger Tip Pulls
Our Half-Finger Gloves are designed with Pull tabs to help remove gloves with ease. Simply use the index and ring fingers on the opposite hand to grab the Pulls and pull the glove away.

Designed by Cyclists
Rigorous testing over extreme terrains and weather conditions prove RocRide’s Evolution Gloves are the ideal choice for serious and novice riders requiring added protection. Perfect for Road Bikers, Mountain Bikers, BMX Riders or if you just like quality cycling clothing (gloves).

Select your Size:
Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around your dominant hand right below your knuckles. Measure to the nearest 1/2″ (see image diagram). Select your size according to your measurement below:

X-Large 9.5″ – 10″
Large 8.5″- 9″
Medium 7.5″ – 8″
Small 7″

Women Sizes:
Large 7.5″
Medium 7″
Small 6.5″ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT AND BREATHABLE with 60% microfiber leather (Amara) and 40% Lycra helps wick moisture from sweaty areas and with double stitched construction it provides extra reinforcement and is durable enough for machine washing and is dryer safe
SENSORY GEL PADDED PROTECTION with silicon anti-slip-grip and shock absorbent technology provides extended hours of riding to reduce hand fatigue and extra padded protection against palm abrasions from those unexpected falls
DESIGNED BY AVID RIDERS FOR RIDERS each facet of RocRide Evolution Series Riding Gloves are thoroughly tested by men and women on short and long distance rides including extreme conditions where vibration fatigue and shock to the hands and wrists are a major factor
HALF FINGER DESIGN SIZES keep your hands cooler during warmer weather and the added finger tip pull tabs allow ease of removal also the extra long adjustable Velcro straps gives a snug fit but yet flexible enough to adjust for added comfort
NEW ROCRIDE EVOLUTION CYCLING GLOVES are designed specifically for Road and Mountain Biking BMX Motorcycle Driving and Workouts that are prone to hand calluses and is the perfect accessory for your bike clothing attire

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