CARTMAN (2 Packs Garage Utility Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift, Mountain Bicycle Hoist

Price: $25.99

The Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift allows you to take advantage of unused ceiling space to store your bike. Installation takes only a matter of minutes, and with its ingenious pulley system, raising and lowering your bike couldn’t be easier. The lift lets you free up precious storage space on the floor, all while keeping your bike stored away safely until you’re ready to ride.

Installs easily in just minutes.
Employs solid-steel construction for exception durability.
Makes it simple to raise and lower your bike.
Frees up floor space in your home.
Create more floor space in your home by getting your bike off the ground. View larger.

Solid-Steel Construction for Durability
All of its included hardware is constructed from solid steel for maximum durability and toughness. The locking mechanism, pulleys, rope cleat, and lift mechanism offer smooth performance for years to come. The included 48-foot lift rope is also extremely durable, and it provides plenty of excess length for ceilings up to 14-feet high.

It requires very little effort on your part. Simply hook the bike handlebar and seat to the included hooks and pull the lift rope to raise the bike to its ceiling-mounted storage position. With each pull, the locking mechanism locks into place to eliminate accidental drops. Store the excess rope on the included rope cleat to keep it nice and tidy.

What’s in the Box
Two lift assemblies, two hook pulleys (one with locking mechanism), 48-foot rope, one rope cleat, 10 two-inch wood screws.

Bike-lift ceiling mount for ceilings up to 12 feet high
Pulley system easily hoists bikes up to 50 pounds to ceiling; secure locking mechanism
Solid steel construction, nylon rope; no assembly required
Includes rack, pulley system, mounting system, hardware, rope

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