TOPCABIN Bike Wheel spokes 105 PCS With Different Designs Cute Biking Accessories for Kids Colorful Bicycle Spokes Decorations Cool Cycling Gear Gift for Girls Spoke Beads 

Price: $19.98 - $2.99

Material: Hard PlasticFeature:
Color: Colorful
Quantity:105 pcs

Transform Your Bike with the Most Dazzling, Colorful Bicycle Spokes Decorations by Wheely Bikes!
Make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift and have lots of fun and laughter, mixing and matching all the cute designs. Beautiful and colorful, these make a gift that all girls will love!YOUR KID WILL HAVE THE COOLEST BIKE AROUND: Let your child give a personal flair to their favorite bike and boast the most beautiful bicycle in the neighborhood! Have fun with your kids while you try to mix and match these dazzling to
A GREAT GIFT FOR CHILDREN: Are you looking for a great gift for your lovely and cute kids? This bike spokes decoration kit will make an excellent way to accessorize their beach cruisers, Electra Townies and more!
BIKE SPOKES DECORATIONS THAT STAY PUT: Carefully designed with kids in mind, these cute spokes decorations feature a tiny tab on the back that fits perfectly on your lovely children bicycle’s spokes and ensures that the decorative elements
ADD A DASH OF STYLE TO YOUR CHILDREN BIKE: Who wouldn’t love to add a dash of pizazz to their favorite bike with a few cool spoke decorations? With these dazzling children cycling, you can be sure that your children commute will be full of
SNAP THEM ON THE FRONT OR BACK WHEELS IN A WHIZ: With an easy, clip-on design, these multicolor bike spokes decorations can be installed in one motion. Simply snap them on your children bicycle spokes and transform the wheels in seconds!

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