Cycloc Endo – Elegant Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack – Orange

Price: $69.95

Recognised as the Creator and Global Leader of Stylish Bike Storage Although the first commercial Cycloc product was produced in 2006, it was actually developed several years earlier by company founder Andrew Lang to satisfy a personal need for storing bicycles at home. A professional industrial designer and keen amateur cyclist, Andrew’s bicycle collection was booby-trapping his London apartment. As an appropriate solution could not be found, Andrew designed his own. This original concept, now named SOLO, has gone on to win numerous design awards and industry accolades. The HERO is the latest addition to our family of five contemporary bike storage products. Our products offer smart, simple, cycle storage to suit all bike styles. They are the ideal solution for displaying and storing bikes in the home, office and retail settings. Philosophy Cycloc’s philosophy is simple – to create products that any cyclist will love to live with. Smart, simple, storage, style Awards and Accolades Cycloc’s innovation is recognised as class-defining by a number of industries. Awards received include those from: cycling, industrial design, interior design and manufacturing sectors. D&AD – 2001 Design Week – 2006 Plastic Industry Award – 2006 Eurobike Award x2 – 2009 and 2014 Horners Award – 2011 FX Award – 2014 Metropolis Magazine – 2015STORE YOUR BIKE WITH STYLE – Attractive, fold-flat vertical cycle storage, for home, office or retail applications. Protect your wheels and wall with wide rubber contact points; front & rear wheel pad included.
EASY INSTALLATION – Ideal for high-density installations with little space. Secure four-point fixing; fixings included. Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle lock. Available in 7 bright colors.
FUNCTION AND DESIGN – Cycloc’s unique ability to carefully combine considered thought with a twist of poetic spirit to create a range of simple, playful and practical products has earned it global recognition with numerous awards and accolades.
AWARD WINNING – Recognised as class-defining by a number of industries, Cycloc’s products have received awards from cycling, industrial design, interior design and manufacturing sectors. (See Product Description for list of awards) In addition, the UK Design Council declared Cycloc’s Solo bike rack “a minimalistic triumph of form, function and social awareness.”
MADE IN THE UK – Founded in 2006, Cycloc operates from their design studio in London’s creative East End and a manufacturing facility in the UK. A team of skilled and enthusiastic distributors and retailers provide support globally.

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