Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire (700×47)

Price: $34.95 - $44.95

The Tour Ride Urban Tire offers everything a real all around tire needs. A tread for every intended surface, the obligatory breakdown protection belt and a high mileage compound ensure the Tour Ride is a trustworthy option for many carefree miles. Deep, aggressive tread pattern guarantees high mileage, predictable traction and excellent puncture protection. Reinforced sidewalls protect the casing from environmental effects. Specs: Weight – 720 grams; Recommended PSI – 50; Maximum PSI – 65; PU – 5.VERSATILE, SAFE AND DURABLE- The Tour Ride Urban is the ultimate enjoyment tire, making sure the ride only stops when you want it to.
PUNCTURE PROTECTION- This Butyl breaker blends with rubber reinforced sidewalls to deliver high puncture and wear protection.
HIGH MILEAGE TIRE- The Tour ride is fit with a high mileage compound to ensure mile after mile of enjoyment.
ALL AROUND TREAD- The tread of the Tour Ride is made to handle any intended surface, keeping you rolling no matter where the line takes you.
DURABLE CASING- The casing of the Tour Ride is sturdy yet agile, keeping urban debris from ruining your ride.

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