Allnice 6pc Precision Bicycle Bike Clean Brush Kit Compact Multipurpose Practical for Mountain, Road, City, Hybrid, BMX Bike and Folding Bike

Price: $12.99

The bicycle cleaning kit is a set of tools that make it easy to maintain your bike. A high quality cleaning kit will help you clean your bike. It is suitable for all types of bicycles. For the freewheel design, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain. For bicycles with roller coaster brakes, the bicycle must be lifted or turned to work.

1.The bike cleaning brush kit contains everything you need to quickly and easily clean the various parts of your bike.
2.Tire Brush: Try to bend the tire brush before using, no need to worry that it will broken. Make it fit closely to the tire to clean efficiently. With 2 kinds of bristles and ergonomically designed handle, your tire could be cleaned in all dimensions.
3.Comprehensive Brush: It could clean the hub, the gear, the rim, the spoke and the corner of the bike frame.
4.Corner Brush: Small but practical, it could clean some unnoticeable corner and bike transmission.
5.Roulette Hook: Remove the dirt in the hub.
6.Gap Brush: Clean the gear set to clean the dust.
7.Coral Velvet Gloves: Clean the hub in all dimensions.

Color: Orange
Weight: 250g/0.55lb
Product Dimensions: 13.58*9.84*3.93in
Material: Plastic+Coral Fleece

What You Get: 
1 x Tire Brush
1 x Comprehensive Brush
1 x Corner Brush
1 x Roulette Hook
1 x Gap Brush
1 x Coral Velvet Gloves
【Ergonomic Design】-Different brushes fit different parts of the bike. With an ergonomically designed handle, you can hold each brush easily and comfortably. Effectively and quickly remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas.
【Complete Features】-6 various bicycle brushes including: professional tire brushes, integrated brushes, crevice brushes, corner brushes, roulette hooks and coral velvet gloves, meet your needs to clean different bike parts.
【Multipurpose】-Apply to all bicycles, works for mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes, BMX Bike and folding bikes.
【Portable & Lightweight】-The bicycle cleaning kit is made of plastic and coral fleece. It is durable and has a single weight of only 250g. It has a size of 34.5*25*10CM. It is extremely light in weight, small in size, easy to use and easy to carry.
【Practical】The kit can be used for basic maintenance without cycling and even as a daily household cleaning tool.

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