ZHIQIU Comfortable Bike Saddle Mountain Bicycle Seat Professioan Road MTB Bike Seat Outdoor Or Indoor Cycling Cushion Pad (Black/Blue)

Price: $28.90

Filler: polyurethane
☞The seat is a good workmanship and a good price.
☞Three in one unique groove design, in line with the law of venous return, scientific ergonomic design to maintain a healthy buttock, humane ventilation design,and front sides narrow design allows thighs moving freely in riding, won’t rub thigh. It is a good solution to sultry problem during the long-term riding.
☞Center cutout offers anotomic relief and ventilation,It can relieve pressure on the perineum and providing airflow and comfort during long rides.
☞This bike seat make out of durable material leather, it is sweat-resistant and waterproof.
☞There is a high density of polyurethane filling in it, and you feel comfortable when you ride on it.
☞Your original bike seat has probably not enough padding, which means all the shock is felt through your lower back. A well padded saddle absorbs the shock, so your ride is less painful for your body, which can be a major problem as you age.
☞If you want to explore your city like drivers can’t, ride in parks and public lands by bicycle, just wear a helmet and some comfy clothes.
☞If you’re riding for short or moderate distances, this saddle is exactly what you need to enjoy each ride.
☞If it crossed your mind to commute by bicycle to work, we support your great idea. And you can be sure you’ve made the right decision when choosing our saddle. It’s always great to ride in comfort.
☞You already ride your bike for long distances once for a while, but want to refresh your weekend adventures? Have fun and build your confidence when riding in a bike competion! Get your bike ready for action!Long steel rails offer a greater range of adjustment
ERGONOMIC DESIGN:This bike saddle is ergonomically designed to be good for your cycling ,Perform at your fullest potential on a saddle that can match your strongest outputs.And it has excellent shockproof and maximum firmness
MORE COMFORT for both Men and Women-The bike seat made by Artificial Fatty Gel. Compare to normal Plastic Polymer, the use of Artificial Fatty Gel makes rider more comfortable by reducing 40% pressure towards prostate, ossa pubis and sciatic area.
VERSATILE – Whether it’s mounted on your mountain bike or on your road bike as your comfortable replacement bicycle saddle, it will make your riding feel much better. Also, due to the included adapter and the universal standard rails system it can also fit other bike types like fixed gear or Indoor
1 Year Warranty: We love our customers, we love to communicate. If you have any problem or questions about our products or delivery time, just feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hrs.

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