TheCroco Aluminum Lightweight Balance Bike for Toddlers and Kids

Price: $89.90

Saftey and Coordination First

TheCroco’s aluminum bike allows kids to feel in control while developing their motor skills

Our high-quality lightweight 4lb bike features a fully adjustable seat and handlebars to maximize saftey and comfort

Includes ultra soft hand grips, padded seat, gripped foot-rests, and saftey-end screws for extra protection

Tool-free and quick assembly, only takes 5 minutes

Suggested for ages of 18 months to 5 years oldThe Croco’s balance bike is specially designed so your toddler or kid can focus on balance rather than pedaling to improve coordination, prevent crashes, and master bike riding
Our lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum bike weighs only 4 lbs so your kids are able to lift their bike themselves and easily control it
Includes ultra soft hand grips, padded seat, gripped foot-rests, sturdy sealed bearings, and safety-end screws for extra protection and extreme comfort
A quick, easy, and tool free assembly – all you need is 5 minutes to build and adjust its seat and handlebars
Refer to our size chart to find if our bike is the right fit for your kid. Suggested for ages 18 months to 5 years old, but go by inseam measurement for the most accurate fit

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