Niyet Bike Pump, Mini Portable Bicycle Pump, Foot Bike Pump with Gauge, Tire Inflator Device, Presta and Schrader Double Valve Bicycle Air Pump

Price: $16.96

Are you are searching for a cost-effective tire inflator to that rapidly and efficiently inflate the tires of your vehicle?

Then you’re at the right place, we are introducing NIYET Bike pump.

A quality inflator pump to make your vehicles safe and secure to ride. The NIYET Bike or Bicycle Pump is an exceptional tire inflating device with a wide range of applications, from tires of a bike, bicycle, car to footballs, inflatable swimming pools and swimming neck rings, this device has so many uses.

It has an inflator needle for the user to use between the twin valves available according to their needs. The user-friendly and easy to use bike pump is for you to inflate your tires on the go, a collapsible aluminum alloy handle is installed to make it stress-free for you to fill the air in it. An aesthetically pleasing design and the color is a plus.

Lifetime Warranty

If the bike pump stops working, we’ll replace it or give you a full refund. For life. No questions asked. Feel free to contact us.


1 x Bike Pump

1 x Sport ball needle

1 x Inflatable device

So, what are you waiting? Pump Your tires as high as 9.6 bars with this incredible inflating pump by NIYET, order now! Click on “Add to Cart”
Twin Valves: The NIYET Bike pump is an impressive product with two pumps incorporated to make it useful and your bike safe to ride even if you switch between road and mountain while riding a bike.
High-Pressure Pump: Despite its small size, NIYET bike pump provides you with a maximum working pressure of 140 PSI, that is 9.6 bar and has the capability of fully inflating up to a 35-inch vehicle tire from 0 to as high as 2 bar in just about 4 minutes.
Pressure Gauge: The Bike pump comes with a competent Pressure Gauge to accurately measure the pressure with easy to read 2-unit scales.
Lightweight and Durable: NIYET bike pump is lightweight and portable pump that you don’t feel difficult to carry with you, its aluminum alloy body makes it durable and hard-wearing.
Ergonomically Designed: The NIYET bike pump is ergonomically designed; its user-friendly, it has lightweight, easy to carry and its main feature is its non-slip pedal and a stable base to make the challenging task like inflating a tire, easy without tipping.

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