Kiwivalley Bike Cable Lock, Anti-Theft Bike Lock with 5.9 Feet Self Coiling Wire Cable, 2 Snake-Shaped Keys and 1 ABS Mounting Bracket, Perfect for Bike Skateboards Gates and Valued Equipment (Black)


Product Features
1.Special materials(PVC coating:prevent it from scratching;C-level nickle copper key core:can better achieve anti-theft and rust to protect our lock;multiple braided steel wire:strongly prevent the cable from being cut)
2.Accessories(two wear resistant snake-shaped groove keys , more changeable to lower the opening chance,also can prevent technical opening;adjustable plastic mounting bracket make it more convenient to take during cycling)
3.Wide application(the cable is about 5.9 Feet,except the bike, it also is long enough to lock ladders, gates, fences, grills, tool boxes and other items that need to be secured )
4.Self coiling and weight(although the cable is long,the special design of self coiling make it more convenient to be stored,and it also just has 0.4 kg,easier to take )

Material: Stainless steel cable + PVC coating + ABS mounting bracket + C-level willow nickel-copper key core
Product Size: 12mm*1800mm (D*L)
Bracket Diameter: 28mm-31mm
Color: Black
Product Weight: 416g (Including lock cable, mounting bracket, keys and Card)

Package list
1.1*cable lock
2.1*lock holding bracket

Maybe you will fell a small smell after you get the package , but the smell will gradually disappear a few days later.1.[Cable materials]Multiple braided steel wire for strong cut resistance and PVC coating helps prevent scratching and keeping more durable.
2. [Adjustable plastic mounting bracket]Can be fixed on bike seat bar and bike frame, more convenient for you to take during cycling.
3.[Special material and sliding cover for key core]Nickel copper key core and special sliding cover for key core can better achieve rust to make it use longer.
4.[Two wear-resistant snake-shaped groove keys]Special design of the keys can prevent the technical opening to make your bike safer.
5.[5.9 Feet self coiling cable]The cable is 5.9 Feet long with flexibility, long and easy enough to lock up ladders, bikes, gates, fences, grills, tool boxes and other items that need to be secured. Self coiling can make it more convenient to store.

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