superdream MTB Cycling Bike Bicycle Silicone Band Flash Light Flashlight Phone Strap Tie Ribbon Mount Holder (Pack of 6)

Price: $7.99

These rubber bands are good to have while ridding bikes in case you need to stop to fix your tire, these can hold flash light for you.

This versatile clamp can be used to attach a torch or other light to your handlebars, basket, helmet, bag strap, etc. It has many uses and does very well in most. You can use it to attach a flashlight to your handlebars for nighttime mountain biking, in which application it performed brilliantly. It did not move from the exact position you set for it even when riding fast over rocks. The straps are very sturdy enough to hold a flashlight on your bicycle.

Fits on all bike handlebars. Holds any little flashlight for a quick temporary illumination for a friend or extra child on a evening bike ride in the park. (get rear red lights for safety also.) Most of those little flashlights do not flash so be aware of their lack of visibility. Cheap and disposable. Fun also.
You can use them to attach objects of various sizes and shapes to your bike! Great way to hang stuff securely on your bike
These work very well for quick add-ons to the handlebars or down tube, With the flashlights the ones that screw tight break easy this is a better option
Easy to use with a handheld flashlight. No more fidgeting with multi-piece brackets and screws. Keeps it stationary. Easily mount a light when needed. Remove quickly and store in your day pack when not needed. Keep your bars uncluttered with bulky mount when not needed
They hold cellphones, speakers, lights, well anything really. Great investment. It holds the flshlights securely whenever you are driving your bicycle on the dark night and only your flash light serves as your guide
Silicon band works like a charm! Excellent for holding lights in different positions and angles. Price is GREAT

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