Rhinoco 12pcs Motorcycle RGB Light LED 15 Custom Color Flexible Strip Light Kit 126 LED NEON Accent Lighting Kit 4 x 6LED 4 x 9LED 2 x 15LED 2 x 18LED

Price: $34.99

1. Fitment Information: This is a universal product and therefore has unlimited uses and mounting possibilities. This includes, but is not limited to: Harley, Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, Yamaha , Hodna Dirt Bike, Enduro, Golf Carts, Trailers, and even Snowmobiles. You can easy to change the mode and color.

2. Functions: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue Green, White, total 15 colors , Flashing, Jumping, Fading
All Static color With 4 Levels Of Dimming; Multi Color Brightness & Speed Adjustable; Wireless Turn On/Off.Reset; Range:1-10 Meter

Type: Motorcycle Glow Lights
Material: Soft Rubber & Plastic
Waterproof: IP65
Quantity: 12pcs
Item Color: As shown
Light Color: RGB
Light Color Quantity: 15
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Mode: 15 Static colors setting, Color Jumping, Color fading
Voltage: DC 12V
Wattage: 10W
Control: Remote control
Control Range: 1-10 Meter
Controller to Splitter Length: 1m / 39.4″
Cable Length: 65cm / 25.6″ for each light

How to use:
Key A: Short Press 1-15 Times, 15 Kind Of Static Color ,16-17th Times, 15 Color Jumping & Million Color fading, Long Pressing to make the Static Color Dimming. Under the Jumping & Fading, Long Pressing B & C Button to change the Speed
Key B: Short Press to Make the Select Color Flashing
Key C: Short Press To Make The Select Color Fading
Key D: On/Off, Long Pressing To Reset

2x 18 LED Strips (Length: 2*30cm)
2x 15 LED Strips (Length: 2*25cm)
4x 9 LED Strips (Length: 4*15cm)
4x 6 LED Strips (Length: 4*10cm)
1x 4 Button Wireless Remote with Slip Cover
1x LED Controller
1x Double-sided sticker(for the controller)
1x Splitter (From 1 to 12)
2x Power Connector: Red & Blue

SIZE — Cable Length: 65cm / 25.6″ for each light. Light Length: 30cm/25cm//15cm/10cm
BRIGHNESS — Brightest 5050 SMD RGB LEDs, Multi Changes with Remote.
COLORFUL — 15 Custom Color, Can Set Color Jump, Color Fading.
CONVENIENT — Strips Easily Cut for Custom Fit. Ultra Flexible Strips, Can Easily Be Bent / Curved To Desired Position.
All Static color With 4 Levels Of Dimming; Multi Color Brightness & Speed Adjustable; Wireless Turn On/Off£¬Reset; Range£º1-10 Meter

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