Retro Bike Headlight Tail Light Kit 12V 6W Motoriaed Bicycle Lamp with Generator Dynamo

Price: $22.99

Type: Tail Light Kit
Placement on Vehicle: Tail light
Material: Iron
Headlight design: 2 Light bulbs
Headlight: 12V 5.5W
Taillight: 2.5V 0.5W
Color: Metal color
Generator: 12V 6W

Package Content:
1 x Headlight;
1 x taillight;
1 x grinding machine;
1 x iron clamp
The friction generator head light kit fits most bicycles
Front light: 12x8x8cm(4.72×3.15×3.15″), Tail light: 4.5×2.4×2.4cm (1.77×0.94×0.94″)
Dynamo output: 12v 6w, There are 2 connectors on one end of the generator. The little nub that says 12V-5.5W connects to the front headlights. The other one that says T 2.5V-0.5W is for the tail lights
Put your generate electricity lamp to install it to your bicycle front fork or Bicycle Carrier after install front headlight and taillight
Press your bicycle lamp on wheel when you need to use it ,put the power head of generate electricity lamp coincide with the wheel ,then Can drive the generator power generation through theFriction

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