RDX Women Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym Workout – Breathable with Anti Slip Palm Protection – Great for Ladies Fitness, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Cycling & Exercise

Price: $26.12

Patent Pending Gym gloves that are made with maximum comfortability in mind. The light construction of these weight lifting gloves are supplemented with high-quality materials such as Lycra, authentic leather, and suede. Its floral design invokes a sense of pleasantness during bodybuilding sessions, both, to the eye, and the feel. Make your workout a much more comfortable one using our latest training gloves.Lycra fabric weight lifting gloves encourage compressional feel and are highly breathable
Suede all throughout palm-side with perforations offers a vice grip over the rod or bar of your choice
3MM padding under Suede grip alleviates pressure against heavy weight and makes your grip stronger
Authentic leather webbing guarantees maximum durability
Use for a range of activities such as cycling, rowing, etc.

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