NOCTURNE Licht, World’s 1st Smart Bike Light Set, Super Bright LED Headlight, Turn Signal, Brake Light and Emergency Blinker All-in-ONE Gear. Water Resistant (2 Set) (Black)

Price: $69.99

NOCTURNE | All in One smart bike lighting handlebar grips

What it is:
It’s an ALL-in-ONE grip device with a super bright LED headlight, turn signal, brake light and emergency blinker ALL-in-ONE grip device. If you commute by bicycle after dark, you need lights. Not everyone wants a headlight cluttering up their handlebars and many forget to bring a light if they head out while the sun’s still up. That’s why NOCTURN Smart Grip was created. It’s a set of bar grips that feature unobtrusive built-in head and tail lights along with laser lane markers.

Package includes:

  • Two Lighting grip device /Screw/Wrench/Manual

Key Features:

  • 2-headlight brightness model(High and Low)
  • Thumb-activated turn-signal.
  • Emergency blinker for your safety.
  • Easy one-touch control buttons.
  • Easy mounting and quick insertion of light units. .
  • Battery power indicator and long battery run time .
  • Water proof and use all weather conditions .
  • Ergonomic design and well-engineered innovation grip lighting system.

Before Use:
Step 1. Take out old grip from your bike.
Step 2. Insert silicon part grip and fasten with screw
Step 3. Insert light part (2x AA batteries need)

How to Use:
Step 1. Turn on power
Step 2. Choice light direction and bright
Step 3. Check brake light, blinker for emergency.


  • Device: This device is waterproof. Usable in any weather condition
  • Please read the manual before use.

    he NOCTURNE provides added visibility for those who enjoy riding their bikes day and night. With stretchy rubber grips, these universally-sized bike lights install easily on most bikes, and turn on with the simple press of a button. We provide limited 6 month factory warranty (not applicable if the damages are caused by collision, accident, or other man made damages)World 1st Technology: Nocturn is the world’s first innovation all-in-one handlebar grip gear. Headlight, gyro sensor brake light, turn signal light, and emergency blinker helps you experience safer bike rides.
    Extremely Bright : Head light 125 lumens x 2, brake light 65 lumens x 2, turn signal 28 lumens x 2. Can use more than 20 hours up to 50 hours (2X AA Battery) easy to use, one touch button controls all functions.
    Waterproof & Durable: The NOCTURNE smart grip is waterproof and can survive many harsh conditions, strong impacts and is breakage resistant. Premium Material: high-quality silicon. Enhanced comfort, non-slip traction, and shock-absorbant. Anti-rust and durable, survives long rides under rough weather conditions
    Easy install & Safe Carry: Easy installation and fast removal of lighting units for daily use and theft prevention. Suitable for Bike Handlebars all universal size. Will fit any standard mountain bike.
    Order with No Risk! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Nocturn offers 6 Month limited factory warranty. Maintenance and repair support with excellent customer service. High-quality product (Made in Korea).

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