LHIABNN Motorcycle Auxiliary Lighting Motorcycle Accessories Headlight with LED Light 42mm

Price: $89.99

Material: T6063 gb aluminum alloy +304 stainless steel
Application: 9v-70v model, general purpose
Product features: CREE chip, far more brightness than the original car headlights, ignoring the far-light DOG, minute to teach life, the road is bright, high power 15W, support 9v-70v use, basically any model can be installed
Product quantity: 1 set (spot lamp + base pressing code)
Connection method: there are two wires, red positive pole, green or blue negative pole
Note: the color will be different due to the amount of ambient light and Angle, which will lead to some deviation between the picture and the real object!Please understand3 sizes are suitable for 3 different installation positions, 54mm for the front shock absorption position, 32mm for the handlebar position and 42mm for the bumper position.
There are 3 CREE chips in the lamp, each of which has a power of 5W and supports the use of 9v-70v, all aluminum lamp plate has a good heat dissipation effect and stable performance.
304 stainless steel lamp shade, effectively prevent the damage of spotlighting glass.
Excellent quality is trustworthy.T6 GB aviation aluminum manufacturing, CNC superb Technology, Anodizing coloring.
Adjustable stainless steel base to meet your different installation requirements.High borosilicate glass 3mm. Aluminum peflector.

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