Hydnora Bike Tail Light, Wireless USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bicycle Taillights Smart Brake Warning Removable LED Safety Bike Rear Light 5 Lighting Modes Bike Light Bicycling

Price: $6.99

Bike Tail Light, Hydnora Wireless USB Rechargeable Ultra Bright Bicycle Taillights with 5 Lighting Modes Waterproof Clip Bike Light for Riding.

Special of Hydnora Bike Tail Light:


Hydnora bike tail light will automatically switch to High Brightness Flash Mode 5 seconds when you are braking, which could increase safety and visibility. You could adjust different mode according to the needs to ensure you and the others’ safety


This wireless USB rechargeable bike tail light support USB charging with no wire, that is to say, it is easy to charge on laptop, power bank and other usb port.


There is only one button in the bike tail light, which could be removed easily and install simply too. It is portable and can be put into pocket as well, thus you guys could disassemble it when you finish your riding and no need to worry if there are someone steal it.


Size: 58*51mm

Weight: about 43g

Material: ABS+PC

Battery Capacity: 160mAh

Power Input: 5V-150mAh

Charging Time: 105 mins

Package Included:

1* User Manual

1* Tail Light

1* Tail Light Holder

1* Powerful Extension Clip

1* Silicone Anti-sip Pad

CONVENIENT WIRELESS USB CHARGING: Come with USB port and support wireless charging. No need to worry about the power supply during the riding time. Only need to charge fully one time and continue to work 9.5 hours max.
5 KINDS OF LIGHTING MODES: The lighting mode can be adjusted according to different requirements, there are High Brightness Flash Mode, Slow Flash Mode, Fast Flash Mode, Rhythmic Flash and Low Brightness Flash Mode. High-brightness LED beads to improve your safety when riding. It is visible 300 meters during the day and 500 meters at night.
ONE BUTTON DISASSEMBLE: Lift the PUSH button and easily install or remove the taillights by rotating the protruding part at the bottom of the bracket. After the tail light is removed, it can be charged freely using the USB connector.
MULTIFUCTIONAL EXTENSION CLIP: The extension clip allows you to install more than the taillights on your bike, or you can hang on your waist, running gear, reflective vests, backpacks, dog collars, helmets, skateboards, strollers, wheelchair or straps or anywhere on your clothes. As long as you like, this multifunctional extension clip can satisfy your thoughts.
SUPER WATERPROOF DESIGN : This taillight is made of IP X4 waterproof material and works well to keep you safe even when it rains. The ultra-bright taillights let you not be ignored when riding at night, you can see them during the day as well.

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