Bike Handlebar Flashlight Mount, Silicone Binding 360 Rotation Bracket, Wheel LED Light Headlight Tactical Bycicle Adjustable Clamp Grip, Small Torch Headlamp Holder with Clip for Biking Riding

Price: $6.99

Use for
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Convenience: Quick release clamp easy to install on and off
Universal: Rubber washers to adjust diameter from 18mm to 38mm
Multi-function: can be installed on the handlebar , seatpost or rear fork
360┬░rotation: this bicycle flashlight torch bracket can rotate to adjust LED light’s direction you want

Product Details:
Fixed method: the silicone binding tape casing is fixed
Mounting pedestal adjusts quickly and easily without tools
Suitable for 24~28mm in diameter flashlight
Size:3.5×4.8 cm/1.3×1.8 inch
Material: Engineering plastics
Weight: 40g

Package Included:1 x Bike Flashlight HolderWIDELY APPLICATION – Use for led flashlight,bicycle light,led lights,bike light,led bike light,bicycle light mount,bike light mount,bike flashlight,flashlight mount,flashlight holder,led lamp,bicycle headlight,clamp mount,bike lamp,bike light holder,led lamp clamp,flashlight bike mount,led light stand,cycle torch,led lights with stand,flash light holder,torch light,torch lamp,torch flashlight,torch holder,torch stand,bike flashlight mount,bicycle stand,flashlight for bike,led light with stand
FIXED METHOD – Use for Led flashlight,bike headlight,lights for bikes,bicycle lights,cycling lights,bicycle light,led light,bike light,led bike light,light for bike,bike lights,bike light back,bike light mount,bike flashlight,flashlight mount.The silicone binding tape casing is fixed;Size:3.5×4.8 cm;Fits for body diameter of 20-30mm Handlebar,Both ends can be fixed, no need to install, easy to use, good stability.Product advantage: convenient installation, quick dismantling, firm!
DURABLE & EASY TO INSTALL – Use for flashlight holder,flashlight pack,led lamp,bicycle headlight,led bike lights,led bicycle lights.With 8 shaped silicone strap, suitable for all kinds of pipe diameter of the bicycle, flashlight, can apply sound! Safe and reliable!Can be used to hold your flashlight or torch on your bicycle firmly, for convenient to ride a bike at night or in dark place;360┬░rotation: This bicycle flashlight torch bracket can rotate to adjust LED light’s direction you want
ADJUSTABLE & CONVENIENT – Use for bicycle headlights,bike led,bike led light,bike handlebars,bike headlights,pipe clamps,clip light,cycling bike,torch light,bicycle stand,bicycle handlebars,hook swords,led light stick,pipe bracket,pipe clamp,lamp clamp,lamp stand,lamp holder.Solves a problem with off-center mounting of lights, tapered handlebars that cock your light at an angle, and the need to adjust for different conditions (e.g., shorten up a light in fog or extend it for high speed at night)
100% SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE – Use for clamp light,clamp lamp,bike handlebar,led clamp light,flash bracket,bike mount,bike stand,rail mounted flashlight,tactical headlamp,bike holder.Used for bicycle lights, flashlights installation on bicycle handlebars.Can be fixed in a lot of positions, convenient and save time;Convenience: Quick release clamp easy to install on and off;Package included : 1 x Bike Flashlight Holder(Note:Flashlight is NOT included,just for showing);Lifetime Warranty

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